Here at Versonic Music we are great believers in showing our working when it comes to Songwriting and Music Production.  Here is the first draft demo of a new track that the team are developing with the working title ‘Goes Without Saying’.

The origin of this track (see below) came from Stephen (Middle) through an acoustic guitar Intro/Verse/Chorus melody idea brought to life with further guitar tracking and vocal harmony ideas from Alan (Right). The next stage of track development will be to write the lyrics around the ‘Goes Without Saying’ song title, followed by adding the main vocal recording.  Once we are all happy with the recorded demo, the track will be mixed and specialist mastered by Versonic Music Head Producer Michael (Left) so we have fully radio ready commercial track.

This will be uploaded to the ever evolving Versonic Music Sync Music Library in full vocal and instrumental only format, and pitched for Sync Opportunities in Film, TV and Advertising. It could also be released as a commercial single through our in-house indie rock band Versonic.

Not sure what will happen to it yet – but that’s the exciting part!   In any event, we are thoroughly enjoying the creative process of Songwriting and Music Production and bringing more original music into the world.