Feeling Versonic

Podcast Series by Stephen Connor

Feeling Versonic is an Indie Hub featuring news, views and interviews on entrepreneurial lifestyle, health (very much including mental health) and original independent music.  The Feeling Versonic Podcast aims to motivate, inspire and entertain listeners in equal measure


Feeling Versonic – It’s a Matter of Choice




An introduction to your host...

At the age of 54 I found a passion for songwriting and making music – some might say a bit late to the game but I now can’t imagine a life without being creative in some way. One of the many hang-ups I have had to leave at the door is the constantly niggling self doubt, and inner voice telling me I’m too old to be having anything to do with music.

I set out on my music journey heavily influenced by my favourite band of all time (Oasis) and in particular, the songwriting genius of Noel Gallagher, with the aim of experiencing for myself what it feels like to stand on stage in a live music venue, in a band, playing guitar and singing my own songs. I am very happy to say that I have ticked every box.

In June 2018 I independently released my debut album ‘Brand New Man’. In this first podcast I will take you through some of the album tracks, and explain the motivation to write the songs, and the individual stories behind them.

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