Sync Music Licensing

Here at Versonic Music we represent your music on your behalf as your bonafide Sync Agent through our Global Sync Music Catalogue.  We host and manage our artist’s tracks including all of the vital ID3 tag metadata for quick and easy clearance and licensing.

We work closely with brands, broadcasters, filmmakers and music supervisors across the globe and look to place your music with appropriate sync projects.


We operate on a commission based placement fee which allows our artists to retain 80% of the music license fee on an exclusive basis, or 75% of the music license fee on a non-exclusive arrangement.


We immediately notify our artists of any interest in their tracks, and on approval, we do all of the back office paperwork in handling the complexities of sync music licensing and clearance on your behalf.


Working with Versonic Music gives you representation in the sync music licensing sector of the music business.  You do the music, and we will do the business. Getting a Sync deal can come with huge exposure for your music, alongside an incremental revenue stream and performance royalties to fund your career in making music